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Bamgood 2 me 5*Vfm Eco sustainable UK Boxers
Great product and delivery fits in your letter box no waiting in. Fits very well and comfortable The pouch at the front adds a double layer handy in this weather. Excellent new company . If they keep the prices competitive These boxers will really do well.

Swedish Chef

Most comfortable trunks I've had!
Have other Bamboo based clothing so thought I'd try these. They are more comfortable that the cotton trunks I use - very light and I can hardly tell I'm wearing them!

S Parkin

My husband absolutely loves these bamboo trunks
Look great and so comfy. Arrived in a pretty presentation box so good as a gift. Good price and quick delivery. Will be ordering some more soon.


Brilliant Product
Very comfortable, fast delivery, brilliant, will definitely get some more soon

David Broome

Christmas presents
received the package earlier than expected, beautifully packaged and a hand written note so thoughtful. the shorts feel so soft , don't know about the fit yet as they are for Christmas presents, really impressed and will be buying more


Very Comfortable
Nice and smooth, no irritations, almost like they were invisible. Ideal for sports.

Ker Avon

Better For The Planet

Heres Why

It saves water as Bamboo needs only rainwater to grow. In comparison a single Cotton T Shirt can consume over 2000 litres of water.

Bamboo is incredibly resilient and fast growing, it needs no Pesticides, Insecticides or Fertilisers.

Just one hectare of Bamboo forest can absorb 1000 tonnes of C02 per year, five times as much as a forest of the same size. The carbon is stored in the root system which remains after harvesting, which also prevents soil erosion.

Bamboo produces 35% more oxygen than trees.

Land is scarce and Bamboo yields much more than Cotton. In fact just 7 million acres of Bamboo forest could replace the 77 Million acres used for cotton production. So we could return 70 Million acres of land back to nature.